Why do I need terms and conditions consultants?

When you start a new business, there are many things to consider, from building your initial customer base, to branding and promotional activities, to the basics of setting up your office or other premises.terms and conditions consultant

In amongst all of this activity, it can be easy to miss some of the finer details, like running background credit checks on those new clients, or issuing formal terms and conditions to everyone early in the relationship.

But these oversights are the cause of many new business failures, and putting good practice in place from the outset can set you on a much more prosperous road.

This is where terms and conditions consultants can help – in more ways than you might first think.

Perhaps the most obvious way is simply that hiring terms and conditions consultants means you do not have to write your Ts & Cs yourself – and few people with no experience would know where to start.

But it goes beyond simply reducing your admin burden – it’s important to get your terms spot-on in case of any legal dispute later, as well as making sure you know what information will vary from order to order, so that you can provide this separately in the correct way.

Terms and conditions consultants can discuss with you the precise nature of your business, and state the basics like your payment terms and methods, in an enforceable way.

And they can also recommend additional terms that you should include, for example to limit your liability in the event that you cannot fulfil an order, or in the worst-case scenarios, if a customer takes you to court.

You might also want to ask your Ts & Cs consultants how best to make your customers aware of your terms – whether to include them in every email, or in your very first email to all enquiries, or only once the customer has agreed to place an order.

It is primarily about protecting you, of course, while also making certain promises to the customer about what you will supply – whether goods or services – in exchange for their payment.

And ultimately, it is about protecting your business’s cash flow by ensuring customers know when and how to pay for their goods and services, allowing you to take action in the event of non-payment, and limiting your exposure to refunds and any potential legal costs too.

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