The Unpaid Invoice –
6 FAQ's & Insights to help you recover it

Q 1: An unpaid invoice should have been paid 2 years ago; it can’t be collected now can it???

A: It is possible to pursue an unpaid invoice for up to 6 years after it became overdue, and possibly even longer dependant on a number of factors such as outstanding County Court Judgements. If you aren’t sure whether or not you’d be able to pass your unpaid invoices to us to collect, give us a call or fill out the enquiry form and one of our experienced team members will be able to give you the advice you need! Read more on this page.

Q 2: What happens if the debtor has moved without passing on their new contact information?

A: You can use a tracing service, which is a highly effective way of tracking someone down, even when they don’t want to be found. When tracking down unpaid invoices we work closely with a team of expert tracers who are all highly experienced to give you the best possible chance of finding the individual for you and recovering the unpaid invoice.

Fill in our form and ask us about our tracing services: Read more on this page.

Q 3: I’ve heard it’s expensive to use a debt collection agency, surely it’s better to just write off the debt?

A: Some debt recovery agencies will charge large set up fees in addition to their recovery fees. We do not do this, our fees are on a sliding scale dependant on the age of the debt and there is no set up fee when you pass the debt to us. Further more, if we do not win your debt back for you, you don’t pay us.

Often, in the case of commercial debt recovery we are able to recover our costs from the other side thanks to the EU Late Payment Directive.

Read more about our debt collection fees on the right hand column of this page: Read Here

Q 4: I hear that debt collection agencies use dodgy bailiffs to harass customers

A: This is something that we hear all too often and it is completely wrong!

We only use court approved bailiffs following court proceedings as an absolute last resort. But it is very rare that action through the courts is required as the fear of having to pay additional court costs will often push the debtor to either pay in full or to set up a payment plan.

Q 5: You’ll ruin the relationship between my business and the customer won’t you?

A: We pride ourselves in being firm but fair with debtors, working hard to try and maintain a good relationship with them where we can. The debtor often appreciates having a third party involved with their unpaid invoices as it allows them to express their thoughts and views to us rather than you. They often feel the same way as you in that they don’t want to damage the relationship with you. We take great care to keep your relationships healthy.

Q 6: What happens if you can’t collect our unpaid invoice?

A: Very occasionally, despite our best efforts it simply isn’t possible to recover your monies for you and in that case we do not charge you. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so why not test us out?


Charges are calculated on the length of time that the debt has been outstanding.

Debts up to 12 months old: 15% plus vat (disputed debts 20% plus vat)
Debts 12-24 months old: 20% plus vat (disputed debts 25%)
Debts over 24 months old: 30% plus vat
Minimum debt charge is £95.00

Pay when we recover. No set up fees or upfront costs.

Bulk collection rates are negotiable and we offer a Platinum service for aged debts over 2 years.

Few other companies offer this service due to the time consuming nature of collecting these debts and associated difficulties in collection.

Who We've Worked With

NHSHaving used Cash Protection Agency since 2002, we have always found them to be effective and efficient. The debts we submit for collection services are almost without exception difficult, problematic, personal debt cases where we have exhausted all possibilities in-house, yet, Cash Protection Agency Ltd always rise to the occasion and their success rate has been high. Their staff are always courteous, helpful and professional, and work in the spirit of partnership with us providing good advice and support.

A Senior Finance Manager in an NHS Trust in the West Midlands

Dear Cash Protection Agency,I know we’re not out of the woods yet, but I wanted to thank you so much for the amount of effort you have already put into helping me recover a debt from a client.

Your enthusiasm never wavers, and you’re always there with professional yet friendly advice and that all-important female trait-empathy!

Being owed money for no good reason is a horrible feeling- you’ve all made me feel supported, most importantly- not alone against the enemy.

Here’s to the three most awesome, lady-like rat-catchers I know!

Thanks so much!

George Dryden
George Dryden Professional Writing Services

Millstone & Lansdowne Day Nurseries
What can we say about The Cash Protection Agency?In all the years we have dealt with The Cash Protection Agency we have found them to be very pleasant, professional and dedicated to helping us with collecting our outstanding accounts. Their predominately female team never give up!We are only too pleased to recommend their services.

Jim Stafford, Director
Millstone & Lansdowne Day Nurseries

Macc UK Ltd.
It is a pleasure having to work with a professional team like the one from The Cash Protection Agency, I get good results on all the files I am sending to The Cash Protection Agency.

Claire Ceruti, Office Manager
Macc UK Ltd

Unpaid Invoices Collected For Brooksure Commercial Insurance
We have sent a number of cases to you, some small & some large. We are particularly impressed in the way you take the stress out of debt collection & the professional approach your team have in resolving issues especially in cases where the debtor things that they have slopped the net. Our debt to you if far greater than the debt you have recovered but please keep the cheques coming in!

Andrew Shore, Managing Director
Brooksure Commercial Insurance Ltd

Simply Training & Development
We moved our debt collection process to Cash Protection Agency after some bad experiences with other credit collection companies. The Cash Protection Agency have been consistently effective in collecting the debt (plus charges). They keep the process simple, providing easy-to-understand information and support throughout the process. Their charges are very reasonable too. The fact that they are connected with Edward Hands & Lewis Solicitors means that it is easy to access legal expertise where necessary. We would recommend them to anyone.

Kate Jennings, Managing Director
Simply Training & Development

Jay Webb Consultancy
It is never easy to decide to pursue a claim for non-payment of invoices. However, it is so reassuring to know that we have such a professional organisation… who diligently pursue these issues on our behalf. Not only did the client play the full amount straight away when they had previously said that they were paying nothing, they sent a sincere apology for the delay in payment and “the misunderstanding” and the also wished us well for the future. If you can recover a debt and still remain friends what more could you ask for in life?

Jay Webb, Managing Director
Jay Webb Consultancy Services Ltd

Blaby Electrical Ltd.
We have used the debt collection services of The Cash Protection Agency since they began back in 1993. They are a professional, helpful team that provide the back up when a client doesn’t pay. They are able to trace a debtor that leaves without a trail and then continue with the effective collection of outstanding monies. We have on occasion used their credit check services and these are very helpful in the decision of what credit limit to give, if at all.

Tony Smith, Managing Director
Blaby Electrical & Blaby Alarms Ltd


We offer an extensive range of payment methods making the payment of the outstanding debts as easy as the possible (for your debtors) thus removing any obstacles to you receiving outstanding monies.





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