Have you been left with unpaid invoices after a customer has disappeared? Are you trying to locate a missing person or family member?

We work with businesses, solicitors & individuals who are trying to locate someone who has left without leaving contact details or their new address.

We often have businesses approaching us who are at their wit’s end after a customer has disappeared without settling up their unpaid invoices. All is not lost however!

We work closely with an expert team of tracing agents who in the majority of cases, around 85%, are able to locate the debtor for you. We aren’t able to guarantee to find the person, but by using our services you have the best possible chance of locating them and beginning the recovery process.

The length of time that it takes to carry out a trace varies from case to case, in some instances we are able to locate the debtor within just a few hours however sometimes it can take months. It depends entirely upon the circumstances and the information we have to work with.

The more information you can provide us with the better; the following is a list of details that we require to carry out a trace, but do get in touch to speak to one of our team if you don’t have all the information to find out if we can still help! In a lot of instances we can.

Subjects full name 
Date of Birth (if possible) 
Last known address 
Current or past employment details 
Any other relevant information

FAQs on Tracing for Debt Collection

Q: Can you trace an individual if you have not got a previous address?

A: Yes, in certain instances a trace is possible but it does vary from case to case.

Q: Can you guarantee to trace a missing person?

A: No, not in all cases but on average we find the missing person in over 85% of the cases which we handle.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: We have a fixed fee of £55 + VAT for our tracing service. In a lot of cases it is possible to add this charge to the monies owed by the missing person.

Q: Can you trace the individual if they have changed their name?

A: Dependent on the circumstances and other information provided, in some instances it is possible to locate the individual if they have changed their name.

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