Having a set of terms and conditions in place is an integral part of protecting your business from the threat of bad debt. By setting out your payment terms, 30 days for example, and conditions such as direct recovery of goods from warehouses if payment hasn’t been received, you put yourself in the best position possible if you are faced with an unpaid invoice.

Often the reason for not having a set of terms and conditions in place is down to the large costs associated with having them drafted by a solicitor. We provide businesses with a set of terms and conditions from a selection of bespoke documents which we then tailor* to the needs of your business. Our charge for this service is just £300 + VAT.

Terms & Conditions Costs

We strive to keep our costs as low as possible as we know how important it is to have these documents in place to protect businesses. No matter what size company, from sole trader to multi-national corporation, terms and conditions make up a vital part of reducing the risk posed by non-payment.

*In order to keep our costs to a minimum the time spent editing these documents is limited to one hour.

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