Spotlight on Sumi Begum
CPA – Sumi Begum


Sumi Begum is a recent addition to the CPA team, but already it feels as though she has been working in the debt recovery industry for many years.


She recently completed her LPC (Legal Practice Course), and studied Law and Economics at theUniversityofLeicester, so like many of CPA’s debt recovery practitioners, her understanding of the industry is based on sound legal knowledge.


Her areas of special expertise include Small Track litigation claims, structured repayment schemes that help to make debt recovery as effective as possible, and debt collection in general.


Sumi’s achievements already speak for themselves, despite her having just three months’ experience in her debt collection role.


Among her big ‘wins’ so far is a payout on a £615 debt that took tenacity to pursue, as repeatedly contacting the debtor meant no court proceedings ultimately became necessary.


Sumi also successfully raised the monthly repayment instalments of an individual who had been paying just £7 per month for the previous two years – something other case managers had tried to achieve, without success.


In an even more cut-and-dried example, she managed to establish a payment scheme with regular payments from a debtor who had paid nothing for six months.


With these examples of how Sumi succeeds where other case managers fail, we look forward to a long and fruitful career for her at CPA, and in the debt recovery business in general.



–          Getting a debtor who was trying to avoid payment for 6 months (not paying the previous case manager) to actually set up a payment scheme and get payment regularly each month.

–          Managed to get an individual to who was paying very low instalments of £7.00 per month for 2 years to increase his payment – many different case managers had tried and failed.

–          Recovered £615.00 in full from an individual who avoided all court proceedings by persisting at contacting the debtor.


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