The Cash Protection Agency was established in the year 1993. It has grown to become one of UK’s leading commercial debt recovery and Credit Control agencies.

 You pay when we recover – No setup fees – No up-front costs

The agency provides countrywide cash collection services from its wide collection of clients like private individuals and commercial organisations from its base in the Midlands.

The full range of services offered to the client by this debt collection agency include;

  • Credit control
  • Tracing services
  • Commercial debt collection
  • Company credit checks
  • Litigation services
  • Consumer credit checks
  • Terms and conditions
  • Private debt recovery

Over the years, the CPA Debt Collection Agency has been able to collect over £30 million in outstanding debts for the clients.

For maximum returns and positive results in the debt recovery process, the firm employs a diplomatic but firm approach. The highly skilled and experience CPA team of cash collectors are trained to practice professionalism any time they are working and adopt the same approach as the company.

For the sake of transparency, CPA works with an agreed fee structure that does not have any hidden costs.

Leading small business debt collection Agency

Whether the debt is a small or large one, it does not matter. The Cash Protection Agency is able to cater to both large and small debts. Our charges are at a flat rate. Unlike solicitors, we don’t charge by the hour or per telephone call. No matter how long the debtor takes to pay, the cost remains the same.

Our approach to recovering debt relies heavily on our ability to find facts about the debt and the debtor. We prefer to find out the history of each individual debtor as well as the debt. For this to work we prefer to take on the debt from the beginning and before any legal proceedings have been sort. This also allows us to take action according to the nature of the case.

As much as we have specialised software for tracking payments and debts, we prefer to rely on our instincts and not any automated responses. This way, we know and understand all the tricks that people use to avoid paying their debts.

Based on the circumstances of the debt and the nature of the debtor, we always try to negotiate with each debtor.

To keep our clients updated when necessary, we have a dedicated case manager. This way you get information from someone that is actually working the case and has dealt with it.

Getting on your case is simple. We will only need basic information and documents like the copies of invoices, contacts names and telephone numbers.

In case legal proceedings become a necessity, we have the capacity to handle the cases for you. Even though the fees will be paid by you, it will be recovered together with the rest of the debt since this is added on to the debt.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are approved by the FCA
  • We get results
  • Persistent
  • No set up fees involved
  • Same day action
  • Ethical and professional approach
  • Nationwide service
  • Free consultation
  • Dedicate account manager
  • Registered with trading standards
  • Established since 1993