Sending in the Big Boys


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 Bailiffs often get a bad press, and recent weeks have been no change on that front. But the job they do is an important one, and it’s worth taking a moment to look at them in a slightly fairer light.

First of all, not all bailiffs are heavy-handed. When the law is on your side, there is simply no need for bully-boy tactics, so the reputation bailiffs have as being aggressive is often undeserved.

However, they do need to be firm, and it is rare for a debtor to be particularly happy about having their belongings taken away to be sold.

As such, there is the potential for situations to become heated; and in such instances, bailiffs must be professional in the way they carry out their job, without aggravating the situation unduly.

In terms of the job they do, remember – bailiffs act in accordance with the law. They recover goods to be sold in payment towards outstanding and illegal debts.

If you are a creditor, you have a legal right to pursue your debtors for payment.

If you are a debtor, you should not enter into a lending scenario without knowing how and when you are going to repay your debts.

Where the relationship between lender and borrower breaks down, and the borrower is unable or unwilling to cover their liabilities, bailiffs are the appropriate legal recourse, and the rather one-sided reporting they receive in the press should not dissuade anyone from using them where appropriate.


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