Outsource your credit control department

If you often find you have problems getting customers to pay on time, and your in-house accounts team aren’t up to the job of chasing them, it might be time to outsource your credit control department.credit control

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need some outside help – finance teams have plenty of other tasks besides chasing client debts, and especially if your company is growing fast, you might find your team have simply been overtaken by the breadth of their role.

When you outsource your credit control department, you tap into a scalable pool of expertise and experience that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to hire directly as your own employees.

Our credit controllers work on multiple accounts, giving us a unique perspective on conditions across different markets and industries – again, something an in-house team will never be able to offer.

And our depth of experience means we’ve heard every excuse in the book, and know how to respond firmly but professionally to make clear that non-payment is not an option.

Choosing to outsource your credit control department doesn’t have to mean a third party’s name appears on your communications, either.

We can offer you a fully white-label service, complete with your own direct telephone number for payment enquiries, which will ring straight through to our team, who will answer with your company name.

This is no sprawling call centre – it’s a direct telephone service for your customers to call for support, with experienced credit controllers on the line, and we will handle calls to the standard you would expect from your own team in-house.

Often we find our services in demand with small businesses that have no dedicated finance team of their own at all – and in these circumstances, we can be particularly useful to you.

Don’t spend days of each month trying to track your invoicing and tackle any non-payment you spot – outsource it to us and you can relax.

We will systematically handle invoicing, payment reminders and any necessary debt recovery, which not only helps to reduce your rate of non-payment, but should also encourage regular customers to pay you even more promptly than they already do.

By cutting down your average days to payment AND your exposure to late and non-payments, our outsourced credit control team will ultimately protect your bottom line and your ongoing cash flow, helping your business to thrive.

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