Debt CollectionThe Cash Protection Agency are able to take on the smaller debts as well as the larger ones. Unlike Solicitors, we don’t charge by the hour or telephone call, so if your debtor takes days or months, it will cost you the same, a percentage of the debt, using our simple fee structure.

We like to take debts on from the beginning and not after legal proceedings. This is because we like to fact find. We like to find out the history of each debt and the individual debtor. This enables us to take the appropriate action with each case.

We don’t rely solely on automated responses, we use our instincts which means we know all the tactics used by debtors to avoid payment. However our specialised software allows us to diary each debt so we can work on them when required and at specific times.

We recognise that no two debts are the same and that is why we negotiate with each debtor according to their circumstances.

By having a dedicated case manager, we are able to give you updates as and when necessary by someone whom has actually dealt with your case.

We keep it simple, all we need is copies of invoices, contact names, telephone numbers and all other relevant information and we will start debt recovery proceedings immediately.

Should legal proceedings become necessary, we are able to handle these cases on your behalf. Court fees would be payable by yourselves. All court fees incurred would be added to your debt and then they too would become payable by your debtor.

Credit Control

Credit ControlTaking on your identity your clients will have a dedicated telephone number to call which is not associated with The Cash Protection Agency, your clients will therefore assume that this call is from a part of your administration team and not from a separate company.

This service is very popular with SMEs.

Whether it is debt collection or credit control services that you require, rest assured that you are in very safe hands with Cash Protection Agency.