CCJs rise as ‘improvement’ trend reverses


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The steady improvement in the number of individuals receiving County Court Judgments (CCJs) in recent years has been substantially reversed in the latest figures compiled by the Registry Trust.



In its 2013 Annual Report, the Trust states that 536,700 CCJs were handed out to consumers in 2013, a rise from 507,200 the previous year.


The increase is greater than the decrease seen in commercial CCJs, both corporate and non-corporate, meaning the overall change last year was +3.5%, with a +5.8% change in consumer judgments alone.


However, it is worth noting that consumer CCJs are still well below their 2009-11 levels, when the following judgments were handed out:


  • 2009: 707,900
  • 2010: 579,700
  • 2011: 567,700


The value of CCJs is also down, this time right across the board:


  • Consumer CCJs totalled £1.35 billion in 2013, down from £1.43 billion in 2012;
  • Corporate commercial CCJs were valued at £262 million, down from £304 million;
  • Non-corporate commercial CCJs totalled £194 million, down from £203 million.


Overall, this represents an annual change of -6.5%, which is much smaller improvement than in previous years; 2010 saw a change of -24.9%, 2011 -12.5% and 2012 -16.5%.


The coming year is likely to prove a turning point one way or the other – but it is as yet unclear whether it will be another swing back towards improving conditions, or a swing into positive growth territory for the total value of CCJs handed down in 2014.

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