Don’t be a banker to your clients

Banks and credit card companies make a great deal of money out of lending money to their clients. You do not. It is easy to forget the costs associated with debts, the worries that come with having to ensure that your staff are paid, the uncertainty as to whether a business that owes you money will go out of business and the opportunity cost of the money that is owed to you. What could you do with a significant cash flow injection into your business? How would it help you invest in and grow your business?

This calculator intends to pose these questions and to help you see why you don’t want to be a banker to your clients. The Cash Protection Agency’s credit control services will give your business some of that much-needed fuel for growth and will save you from worrying about whether money will come in to your business.

Do you have a bank overdraft?

Yes No

If yes how much is your overdraft

What is the rate of interest?

How many days in the month on average are your overdrawn:

Do you pay bank charges?

If yes please estimate how much do you pay for:

Bank Entries

Each entry into the bank

Number of entries

Bounced Cheques

Bounced cheques

Number of bounced cheques

Do you pay staff to carry out debt collection/credit control:

Yes No

If yes how much do you pay them? per month

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Monthly Overdraft:

Annual equivalent of Overdraft (not compounded)

Monthly bank charges

Annual Equivalent

Monthly bounced cheque fees

Annual Equivalent£

Monthly cots of credit control

Annual Equivalent

Total Monthly costs

Annual Equivalent


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