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Cash Protection Agency was established in 1993. The Midland-based agency has helped clients collect in excess of £30 million in outstanding debts to date. We work with a large number of big and small business, we also don’t charge up-front fees. We help businesses get their debts collected and their invoices paid.

If you would like to receive impartial advice on how you can recover your money now, call us on 0800 433 4113.

Commercial Debt Recovery Oxford

In business, it is normal to find yourself with quite a number of unpaid invoices. There are a number of factors that can lead to this among them being a lack of time to chase the debtors. Most business would prefer to write these debts off than hire an expensive debt collection agency due to the thought of damaging client relations.

Our greatest success has not been the fact that we have been able to collect in excess of £30 million in debts for our clients but the fact that we have been able to recover the money without affecting the relationship between the business and its customers. We have always maintained a diplomatic and professional approach in debt collection which has seen us get many repeat clients.

Our debt collection service

Q: Between writing off the debt and using your services, which is better?

A: Debt collection agencies can be costly with the addition of a high set-up fee. With us, there is no set-up fee and our fees are on a sliding scale which is dependent on the age of the debt which makes our services affordable.

If the debt is of a commercial nature, then the cost of our efforts is recovered from the debtor because of the EU Late Payment Directive.

Q: Won’t my relationship with the customers be ruined by your collection methods?

A: Unfortunately, most clients believe this but it is untrue.

With all debtors, we employ a diplomatic and professional approach. We advocated for the debtors to pay the debt or set up a payment method instead of going to the courts. Also, most debtors don’t prefer going to the court because of the extra costs involved. We ensure that we are firm but also fair with the debtors and do our best to safeguard the relationship that you have built with them.

Q: Can I collect on an invoice that is over two years old?

A: It is possible to recover debts that are as old as six years if you have been actively chasing the payment for that duration of time. If the debt is older than six years, you will have to consider the county court judgement in your locality. If you’re not sure if we can assist you to collect the debt, you can fill out an enquiry form for assistance.

Q: What if you fail to collect a debt?

A: In isolated cases, we may fail to collect the debt no matter how hard we try. In such cases, we will only ask for a small discontinuance fee

Q: What if the debtor moved and I don’t have the new contact information?

A: We also offer a tracing service. Our experts in this service can help to trace the debtor and allow us to recover the debt.

Our Charges

Aged debt up to 6 months: 15%

Aged debt 6 to 24 months: 17.5%

Aged debt 24 months plus: 25%

Minimum charge: £65- £200 dependant on debt value

Discontinuance fee: £85 – £200 dependant on debt value

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Having used Cash Protection Agency since 2002, we have always found them to be effective and efficient. The debts we submit for collection services are almost without exception difficult, problematic, personal debt cases where we have exhausted all possibilities in-house, yet, Cash Protection Agency Ltd always rise to the occasion and their success rate has been high. Their staff are always courteous, helpful and professional, and work in the spirit of partnership with us providing good advice and support.

A Senior Finance Manager in an NHS Trust in the West Midlands