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Since its establishment in 1993, the Cash Protection Agency which is a Midland-based agency has been helping its clients recover the debts. So far, the agency has helped its clients recover in excess of £30 million in outstanding debts.

If you would like to know more about how you can recover your debts, reach us on 0800 433 4113.

Commercial Debt Recovery Cambridge

If you run a business, then you may have found yourself with a number of unpaid invoices. This can be as a result of being too lenient with your customers, not having the resources to chase the debtors. One thing is certain. These debts can be debilitating to the business and yet most businesses still shy away from hiring a debt collection agency because of their high costs.

Since CPA was established in 1993, we have collected in excess of £30 million in outstanding debts for our clients. The majority of our clients have become repeat customers who use our services regularly because of our diplomatic and professional approach to debt collection. In some cases, we are able to collect a debt without denting the relationship between you and your customers.

Our debt collection service

Q: Which is better, to write-off the debt or to use your service?

A: Unlike other debt collection services that attach a set-up fee to their fees, we don’t do this. Our fees are purely based on a sliding scale system which is transparent and affordable. As such, it is best for businesses to use our affordable services to recover their debts.

Furthermore, if the debt is commercial based, the cost of our efforts is recoverable from the debtor because of the EU late payment directive.

Q: Are your bailiffs going to harass my customers?

A: We understand how important credibility is for your business. This is why we only use County Court bailiffs or High Court Sheriffs. We try to ensure that court action is last resorts, however, should it become necessary we will deal with the issuing of a claim up to enforcement proceedings since debtors also prefer not to add the cost of the court process to their debt.

Q: I have an invoice that is over two years old. Is it possible to still collect?

A: Yes you can collect an invoice that is over two years old. You are allowed to collect an invoice up to six years, providing you have been actively chasing for that period. It may be possible to issue proceedings if required.

Q: What if you fail to collect a debt?

A: Should we fail to collect a debt despite our best attempts, we will ask for a small discontinuance fee to cover some of our costs.

Q: What happens if the debtor moves and does not pass on the new contact information?

A: Other than our debt collection service, we also offer a tracing service and with the help of our experts, locating such an individual is possible.

Our Charges

Aged debt up to 6 months: 15%

Aged debt 6 to 24 months: 17.5%

Aged debt 24 months plus: 25%

Minimum charge: £65- £200 dependant on debt value

Discontinuance fee: £85 – £200 dependant on debt value

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Having used Cash Protection Agency since 2002, we have always found them to be effective and efficient. The debts we submit for collection services are almost without exception difficult, problematic, personal debt cases where we have exhausted all possibilities in-house, yet, Cash Protection Agency Ltd always rise to the occasion and their success rate has been high. Their staff are always courteous, helpful and professional, and work in the spirit of partnership with us providing good advice and support.

A Senior Finance Manager in an NHS Trust in the West Midlands