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The Cash Protection Agency has been helping clients collect their debts since it was established in 1993. The Midland- based agency has to date helped its clients recover more than £30 million in outstanding debts.

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Commercial debt recovery Birmingham

In business, having a number of unpaid invoices is not out of the ordinary. Factors like client leniency, bad luck and lack of time to chase after debtors increase the chances of having a number of unpaid debts. Because of the fear of the high cost of debt collection agencies and break-down of customer relations, most businesses usually find it hard to hire these debt collection agencies.

At CPA, we have been able to collect over £30 million since we were established in 1993. Our approach is professional and diplomatic and one that ensure that we recover your monies without denting your credibility or customer relations. Most of our clients are now repeat clients that use our services regularly.

Our debt collection service

Q: Is it not cheaper to write of the debt than use your expensive service?

A: There are debt recovery agencies that charge a set up fees in addition to the monies they make in recovery. With us, this is not the case. There are not set up fees when the debt is passed on to us and our fees are on a sliding scale that depends on the age of the debt.

For commercial debt recovery, because of the EU late payment directive, we recover the costs from the debtor’s side.

Q: won’t you harass my customers with the dodgy bailiffs?

A: Most customers believe this but it is a misconception especially in our case.

We only use bailiffs if court action is sort. Typically, this is the last resort and one that most debtors try as much as possible to avoid because of the costs that are involved. In case we have to use bailiffs in the process, we only use those that have been approved by the court proceedings. We also try our best to save the relationship between you and your customers.

Q: Is it possible to collect on an invoice that should have been cleared two years ago?

A: we can collect on invoices that are up to six years overdue. However, for longer periods, you might have to refer to the county courts judgement on the same. If you’re unsure, you can also give us a call or fill out the enquiry form to get advice on your concern.

Q: what if you fail to collect the debt?

A: Sometimes regardless of how hard we try, we might fail to collect on the debt. In such cases, we will only ask for a discontinuance fee. We don’t operate on a no-win no-fee basis because of how costly the process becomes once we have recovered the debt for you.

Q: The debtor moved and did not pass on their new contact information. What next?

A: with your debt collection services, we also have a tracing service. There is a high chance of tracing these individuals with the help of expert tracers who are highly experienced.

Our Charges

Aged debt up to 6 months: 15%

Aged debt 6 to 24 months: 17.5%

Aged debt 24 months plus: 25%

Minimum charge: £65- £200 dependant on debt value

Discontinuance fee: £85 – £200 dependant on debt value

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Having used Cash Protection Agency since 2002, we have always found them to be effective and efficient. The debts we submit for collection services are almost without exception difficult, problematic, personal debt cases where we have exhausted all possibilities in-house, yet, Cash Protection Agency Ltd always rise to the occasion and their success rate has been high. Their staff are always courteous, helpful and professional, and work in the spirit of partnership with us providing good advice and support.

A Senior Finance Manager in an NHS Trust in the West Midlands