Attack Of The Debt Drones
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We’ve all seen movies that paint a picture of a dystopian future ruled by machines – and as the internet and mobile technology become increasingly pervasive, you might feel like that’s an inevitability.

Lately we’ve been hearing about automated debt recovery platforms – dubbed ‘debt collection 2.0’ by some – in which, after an initial human contact, debtors are given something akin to an online banking account that they can gradually pay into until their debt is cleared.

On the one hand, it’s a way to allow easy payment by installments from debtors who only got into payment problems due to a miscalculation or other honest mistake.

But it feels a little lacking in some ways – debt recovery should be handled sensitively, and that needs the human touch.

Our approach is always based around human contact, but like the debt collection 2.0 platforms described above, that doesn’t mean we can’t be flexible if it means you get more of your money back, or get paid faster by the debtor.

No machine will ever be as truly adaptable as a human being, and it is important that we continue to contact debtors in person to ensure payments are continuing to be made – whether that is a planned payment by instalments schedule, or just to make sure a one-off lump sum will arrive on time.

In this sense, debt recovery is an extension of day-to-day credit control, and we can of course encourage prompt payment ahead of the invoice deadline too, if you appoint us as your credit controllers.

But the fundamental aspect of all of this is the human touch – allowing us to offer an understanding ear to the debtor as an independent third party (even allowing for the fact that we are acting on behalf of you as the creditor).

This allows us to take difficult decisions without being clouded by emotion – perhaps the one machine-like quality that is beneficial – but without being limited by lines of programming code either.

If you would like to talk to a team member about debt recovery please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0808 256 6549.

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