About Us

about Here at the Cash Protection Agency we have over 17 years experience in resolving bad debts and helping companies take control of their cash flow. We provide a totally confidential and professional service at extremely cost effective rates.

We all know how difficult it is to resolve cash flow and bad debt problems in today’s challenging economic climate.

Our experienced highly skilled team act with professionalism at all times adopting a firm but diplomatic approach to ensure maximum returns and positive results for our clients.

We have collected outstanding debts for clients in excess of £30million.

Chasing payment is extremely time consuming and can also be very difficult, even more so if you want to continue trading with a business that owes you money.

Our full range of Client Services includes:

  • Commercial Debt Collection
  • Private Debt Recovery
  • Credit Control
  • Company Credit Checks
  • Tracing Services
  • Litigation Services

If legal action is necessary we work closely with CW Harwood a leading firm of solicitors based in Leeds.

The range of industries which CPA currently provide services for our clients includes:

  • (Fiona to Confirm & to be sorted A-Z)
  • Hospitals
  • Vets
  • Dentists
  • Property Management Companies + Estate Agents
  • Loan + Credit Firms
  • Building + Construction Industry
  • Banks + Building Societies
  • Accountants + Auditors
  • Internet + Web Designers
  • Charities
  • Credit Unions
  • Day Nurseries
  • Consultants + Trainers
  • Hotels, Public Houses + Restaurants
  • Plumbers, Electricians + Other skilled craftsmen
  • Advertising Agencies + Publishers
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Housing Associates + Local Councils
  • Engineering Companies
  • Furniture Manufacturers + Dealers
  • Carpet Fitters
  • Solicitors + Legal Practices
  • Schools + Universities
  • Stationers + Mail Order Firms
  • The Hosiery + Leather Trades
  • The Telecom Industry
  • Hire Purchase + Car Companies