SMEs Suffer due to ‘Behavioural Late Payment’

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The majority of the UK’s small to medium-sized enterprises are suffering at the hands of their business partners and big-brand bullies, according to a survey from the Forum of Private Business.


Differences between Recovering Debt from a Company and an Individual

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How Early in the Process does effective Credit Control begin?

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We often talk about debt recovery as a last-ditch attempt to get back what you are owed, and generally speaking it’s better to avoid court action if you can.


How do I Find Someone who has Disappeared?

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If your debtor has ‘done a runner’ with your money, you have every right to want to know where they are, what they’ve done with your money, and whether you can still legally claim it back.


How can I Demand Payment without Putting Off my Client?

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Business relationships tend to be very important – after all, they keep your income coming in – however they can be fragile, and it only takes one difference of opinion for things to get very personal.


Why is Time so Important in Debt Recovery?

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We all know time is of the essence when it comes to chasing debts, but why? This blog will look into the main reasons.


What is Debt Recovery?

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Most of us have more experience of being a debtor than of being a creditor, and if you’re new to debt recovery, it can seem daunting – after all, you might think it’s a time-consuming and costly process.


5 Benefits of Having a Credit Controller

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You might think you’re pretty good at keeping on top of your credit control – and lots of people are, to be fair – but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t still benefit from having a credit controller to take care of it for you.


Why are Terms and Conditions Important for Avoiding Late Payment?

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Talk to any debt recovery agent, and they’ll tell you terms and conditions are an important part of protecting yourself against late payment.


Top 5 Excuses for Non-Payment – and How to Combat Them

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When you notice an unpaid invoice, the first step is to contact the customer to try and find out if they think they have already paid it, and if not, whether they intend to do so or not.

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