Why Prompt Payments are worth Even More

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Getting paid promptly is a good thing – most of us are fairly confident about that – but you might think as long as the money comes into your account eventually, it all amounts to the same thing.


SME House Builders Lose Out in Recession

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The UK’s smaller building firms appear to have been disproportionately harmed by the recent recession and economic turbulence, according to NHBC figures cited by industry publication Building.


Spring Clean Bad Debts before 5th April 2015 to Avoid Paying Tax!

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If you are a sole trader now is the time for a Spring Clean of all bad debts. If bad debts have been left unresolved after the 5th April 2015, you will end up paying tax on money that has not been paid.


CPA can Help Tradesmen use their Time Wisely

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Tradesmen work hard – we know that, because we work with plenty of them ourselves – but if you are spending all your time at work only to find your invoices go unpaid, CPA can help.


Tory Councillor Stands For Election On a Platform Of Late Payment

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A Tory councillor is standing for election in Bolton, despite having been investigated last year for late payment of council tax.


One In Nine Want Late Payment Penalties In Budget 2015

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The upcoming 2015 Budget speech on March 18th is an opportunity for final fiscal measures to be put in place before the election, and late payment is still on the agenda.


8.5m Brits ‘Wouldn’t Last The Week’

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Bleak figures from HSBC show that an estimated 8.5 million people in the UK would not be able to last a full week on their current savings, if their income was totally interrupted for any reason.


Brits’ Bills Are Bound For The Bin – Unopened


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Many of us meticulously organise our finances, with several years’ worth of bank statements and bills in chronological order in a file or folder, so we always know our personal cash flow position.


Creditors Given Control Over Insolvency Fees


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When a company enters insolvency while owing money to creditors, it can feel as though the chances of getting what you are owed are very small indeed.


Business Groups Given Powers To Challenge Payment Practices


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The notion that ‘together we are stronger’ underpins many of the organisations and groups to which the UK’s smallest businesses and sole traders belong.


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