Accountants Look To Credit Control To Boost Profits


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How do you raise your profits without raising your prices? It’s the classic conundrum in competitive markets like accountancy, and credit control for accountants seems to be one of the answers.


Top 10 Popular Excuses For Non-Payment

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If you’ve dealt with a lot of late payment – or worse still, non-payment – there are certain excuses you’ll have seen time and time again. Here are ten of the best…


DIY Debt Recovery VS Debt Collection Agencies

debt recovery

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With a wealth of online information at your fingertips these days, it can be tempting to adopt a DIY approach to debt recovery – and in the first instance, there is often no great problem with that


3 Tips For A Debt Chasing Letter They Will Notice

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It’s disappointing, to say the least, when a client fails to pay you what they owe, but it happens to everyone eventually, and it’s important to be prepared in terms of how you react.


Debt Relief Orders Limit Rise Approaching


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Debt Relief Orders, or DROs, were originally introduced as a low-cost alternative to bankruptcy, a little like individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) but for people with very low income and assets.


Which Debts Should I Chase?

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Keeping on top of your invoices is hard enough, which is why outsourced credit control can be a useful service for businesses of any size – but if you’re handling your own finances one of the big questions can be when debt recovery is the best route to go down.


Top 10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Payment Terms & Conditions

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We often stress the importance of having payment terms and conditions in place, particularly if debt recovery action becomes necessary later.


Attack Of The Debt Drones


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We’ve all seen movies that paint a picture of a dystopian future ruled by machines – and as the internet and mobile technology become increasingly pervasive, you might feel like that’s an inevitability.


Top 5 Reasons to Credit Check New Customers


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When you take on new customers, you might be tempted to sign them into a binding contract as soon as possible, and worry about the details later.


Top 5 Ways To Ensure Healthy Business Cash Flow

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It’s often said that cash flow is the life blood of any business – and in turn, SMEs are often described as the life blood of the UK economy, making it doubly important to keep them ticking over healthily.


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