Radio ad pokes fun at terms and conditions of selling a car on eBay


Do you remember the radio ad that poked fun at the terms and conditions of selling a car on eBay?

In the advertisement for the online auction site, a character referred to as Terms and Conditions Man is heard panicking about the small print when buying car parts.

But another more relaxed voice, representing eBay, reassures him that the auction site has everything he’ll need, and that it is not a case of “participating stores only”.

At the end of the advert, Ts & Cs Man adds “Terms and Conditions apply” but the other voice corrects him, saying: “No they don’t.”

Of course, there are terms and conditions of selling a car on eBay – or listing or buying anything else on the auction site, for that matter.

However, eBay doesn’t call them Ts & Cs, instead listing them under its User Agreement and other similar policies, with clear explanations in its help pages for both sellers and buyers.

When it comes to listing a vehicle for sale, the auction site recommends you set your own terms and conditions of selling your car on eBay.

This is one of the five key stages of becoming a private motor seller on eBay, which begins with registering an account on the site, so that you can pay the relevant listing fees.

Next you must prepare your vehicle description and take accurate photographs of it; third, create your listing, using your description and images to fill out the page.

The fourth stage is crucial, and involves setting your own Ts & Cs on pricing, payment methods and collection – making clear, for instance, that you will not deliver your car to a customer’s home hundreds of miles away.

Finally, reply to enquiries and follow the necessary procedure to complete the sale and earn positive feedback, and you can move on to your next sale.

So far from there being no terms and conditions of selling a car on eBay, there are actually plenty – and like most Ts & Cs, these exist to protect the seller, and to let the buyer know where they stand.

In this way, the Ts & Cs of each individual listing, combined with the auction site’s overall User Agreement and other policies, mean peace of mind for everyone when selling and buying cars and car parts online.

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