Take an SME cash flow holiday in 2016

Juggling all of the different tasks involved in running a business is no easy feat, so it’s no surprise that many of us make promises to ourselves around the New Year period.

cash flow holiday in 2016

Whether you think of it as a New Year’s resolution, or simply as the chance to make a clear change moving into a new calendar year, the start of 2016 is the perfect opportunity to take action on the admin tasks you have been ignoring throughout 2015.

For many small businesses, invoicing and credit control are among those essential admin tasks that can get left behind on a daily basis – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Rather than simply giving yourself an even harder admin regime by trying to keep up to date on your credit control without letting your standards slip elsewhere, why not outsource your credit control, invoicing and debt recovery to us?

We like to think of this as an SME cash flow holiday – a break from the drudgery of chasing payments for the entrepreneurs who have better things to worry about.

And it doesn’t mean losing control of any part of your business, as we will work closely with you so that we feel like a department of your own company, not just to debtors who call to make their payments, but to you as well.

We simply need you to let us know the details of each customer who needs to be billed, so that we can make sure their invoice is on our system and that we are sending out any necessary reminders at the right time.

This should mean less worry of non-payment for you, as well as faster payments from your reliable customers; we can also run background credit checks on new clients, to ensure they are creditworthy, and offer a tracing service to track down anyone who has gone missing while owing you money.

In combination, these services help to protect your cash flow from end to end – from the moment you consider taking on a new customer, through the invoicing and payment process, to ensuring they cannot simply vanish into the night with a pocketful of your money.

It’s an integrated service that works especially well when you outsource your entire credit control function to us – and of course we can liaise with your in-house financial teams where appropriate too.

By letting us take care of your credit control, you not only free up your time to focus on your core business, but you actually improve your payment processes at the same time – literally a win-win situation.

We know how hard small business owners work – and how it’s usually the admin that gets postponed when time runs short.

So if you are looking ahead to 2016 and planning for success, why not take an SME cash flow holiday of your own, and let us worry about the paperwork and phone calls instead?

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