How do I Find Someone who has Disappeared?
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If your debtor has ‘done a runner’ with your money, you have every right to want to know where they are, what they’ve done with your money, and whether you can still legally claim it back.

There are certain circumstances where you might not be able to – for example, if the debt has become statute-barred (or time-barred, which usually happens after six years) or the debtor has been declared legally insolvent.

Otherwise, it’s simply a matter of finding out where they’ve gone so you can issue debt recovery proceedings against them – and finding them again is commonly called Tracing.

We can provide this service for you, because it’s not always easy to do it as an individual, and it can be time-consuming, making it something of a false economy when you have better things to worry about.

How do we do it? Well, it’s not really an exact science, but there are often paper trails to be followed, for example if the company hasn’t been wound up, but the registered office address has simply been changed with Companies House.

There are a few other important things to keep in mind – first of all, if your debtor has a very common name, don’t accidentally launch legal proceedings against an innocent namesake.

Also, if they’ve vanished once, they might be more likely to do so again in future, so it’s worth being a little more careful about making contact with them, and the formal action you use to attempt to recover the debt.

Make sure whatever you do, that it is harder for them to simply run away this time, for example by engaging them in court action that requires them to attend in person.

Sometimes it is simply impossible to find a runaway debtor – which is why effective credit control to prevent overdue debts in the first place is always a good idea.

But with professional Tracing services, those who have slipped through the net are most likely to be found again, giving you one last chance to get your hands on what you are rightfully owed.

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