CPA can Help Tradesmen use their Time Wisely
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Tradesmen work hard – we know that, because we work with plenty of them ourselves – but if you are spending all your time at work only to find your invoices go unpaid, CPA can help.

According to a recent Plumbfix survey, the average tradesman works between 41 and 50 hours each week, more than bankers, doctors and judges.

One in five work more than 50 hours a week, and that doesn’t even include the 47% who spend their ‘leisure’ time catching up on business admin.

A business admin task nobody wants to have to face is chasing an overdue payment – it can be time-consuming, often turning it into a false economy when you could have spent that time more profitably elsewhere.

When you hire CPA, things are different. We have heard every excuse in the book (and most of the ones that never made it into the book, too) and we know how to respond in each case.

Our team will work diligently to recover what you are owed, no matter how long it takes us, leaving you free to focus on maximising your profits – or better still, on enjoying your leisure time in peace.

There’s no better feeling than being at the cinema or football, and knowing that your debtor will be getting a phone call or opening a sternly worded letter on headed paper.

Often this is enough to make them pay up – the realisation that they can’t just wriggle out of it.

Where they still delay even further, we can add penalty fees, debt recovery costs and even statutory interest to the total amount owed, and once the figure starts to climb, even the most iron-willed of debtors tend to pay up pretty quickly.

Importantly, this allows us to make sure you are suitably compensated for having to wait for the funds, and the addition of interest and penalty fees should ensure you are not left out of pocket due to your customer’s late payment.

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