Tory Councillor Stands For Election On a Platform Of Late Payment
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A Tory councillor is standing for election in Bolton, despite having been investigated last year for late payment of council tax.

Bradshaw councillor Mudasir Dean is hoping to oust the incumbent Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi in Bolton South East, when the polls close in the general election on May 7th.

However, just last year, he was questioned by police after admitting to late payment of council tax, although he was never charged with any suspected offence linking the late payment to his voting record.

Now he tells the Bolton News that he thinks his poor payment record represents a plus point with the voters in the area.

“Since the incident last year when the story broke, I have had so many messages from Bolton residents, many saying how they had been through financial difficulties and how it has affected their households,” he told the newspaper.

“People understand, and there are very few people in Bolton that haven’t experienced financial difficulties themselves. It means I understand the issues faced by residents and can represent them positively if I was elected.”

The election is bound to be decided on a wide range of issues, from the campaigning of the individual candidates to their respective parties’ politics in general.

However, May 7th should provide some insight into how Bolton residents feel about late payment – and particularly whether they feel inclined to side with the debtor, in this case Mr Dean, or the creditor, in this case the council he is supposed to represent.

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