Finance: the last great taboo for couples
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You might think we live in a fairly open-minded world now, where you can talk openly about almost anything, even with strangers you only know online – and certainly with your own partner.

Actually it seems there are still some taboos remaining, and perhaps surprisingly for some people, finances are a no-go topic for many couples.

If you are in a relationship where you share everything, with joint access to a current account, it might seem odd to imagine couples living without discussing their finances, but according to the BlackRock Investor Pulse Survey, that is the case.

Only 44% of those surveyed for the research said that they work with their spouse on long-term financial plans, and 11% specifically said they exclude their partner from their financial planning.

With almost the same proportion – 13% – claiming their discussions of financial planning often turn into arguments, it’s not hard to see why the topic is kept off the table in some households.

Alex Hoctor-Duncan, savings and investments expert at BlackRock, said: “Whilst talking about money might not get pulses racing, it’s important that couples discuss their finances and plan for the future.

“Most couples will experience at least one of life’s big moments such as having children, starting a new career or reaching retirement, and therefore having a financial plan should be a top priority.”

For companies who supply products and services to couples, or to households where they reside, the research raises questions about who is holding the purse strings.

After all, you might reasonably be reluctant to supply a property in which the occupants are not communicating on financial issues – particularly when it comes to deciding who is responsible for paying the bill on time.

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