Do I need a solicitor to help me collect debt?
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The short answer to this question is no, you don’t necessarily need to have a solicitor in order to chase a debt.

However, it’s not that simple – there’s a difference between chasing a debt and successfully recovering what you are owed, and trying to do it alone can be challenging.

Let’s be transparent about what you can expect to achieve alone.

You can:

  • Attempt to negotiate on ‘friendly’ terms with your debtor.
  • Issue a statutory demand giving 21 days to pay.
  • Make a money claim online (a simplified small claims process).

But if your debtor is persistent about not paying, ultimately you’re likely to end up in court – and this is where debt collection agencies (DCAs) and solicitors come in.

A DCA is not necessarily a solicitor, and this can have its advantages; in the case of CPA for instance, we operate on a very simple and transparent pricing structure.

No matter how long it takes to recover your debt, the fee will remain the same – unlike solicitors who will typically charge a fee for each phone call made or letter posted out.

It also means we can specialise in debt recovery, without being distracted by family law, corporate law, conveyancing and all the other areas solicitors like to get bogged down in.

We can provide a dedicated account manager to handle your case, and we understand how to adjust our process for success, rather than relying solely on narrow interpretations of the law as a solicitor might.

Ultimately, in many cases all it takes is a letter on headed notepaper for your debtor to realise you are not going to give up, and of course we are always delighted when we are able to resolve the situation for a client with a single strongly worded letter.

If you decide you do want to take your case to court, perhaps to recover larger debts that are taking a long time to reclaim, then as part of the EHL Group we are ideally placed to refer you to EHL Solicitors if needed.

There are certain regulated activities that a solicitor will be able to undertake in the pursuit of your debt, and we will never hold you back if it becomes apparent that these are necessary to successfully recover what you are owed.

But for the most part, when your solo efforts have failed to find fruition, a DCA such as CPA is the natural next port of call, allowing you to retain as much as possible of any money repaid to you.

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