Working with CPA – how do we work?
working with cash protection agency
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If you’re thinking of working with CPA, you might want to know more about how we work, and particularly what it’s like to have us working on your behalf.

We’re proud of our commitment to our customers, so we’re always happy to share more information about our approach – and how it differs from some other debt recovery agencies.

First of all, although we’re a one-stop shop for credit control and debt recovery, we do not offer a cookie-cutter service – each debt is measured on its own merits, and each debtor is approached differently depending on their circumstances.

You’ll have a dedicated case manager, who is familiar with your case from start to finish, and who will keep you updated with all of the relevant information as we proceed.

For these reasons, we prefer to take on your case as early as possible, before any other recovery action has been taken; this gives us the best opportunity to research the debtor, and the best chance of recovering your funds in full.

Our approach, treating each debt differently, means we can respond in the appropriate way to any issues that arise – we work on instinct, and on experience of past debtors, to overcome any tactics and techniques they might try to use to avoid paying.

If you want to outsource credit control to us completely, we can provide a white-label service, giving you a dedicated telephone number that will dial through to our credit controllers, but which we can answer using your company name.

For SMEs in particular, this is an effective way to have a dedicated credit control team of your own, without having to recruit in-house.

It gives a seamless experience to your customers, who are likely to think they are simply calling your in-house team – there is no reason why they should ever hear the CPA name associated with your company.

And of course, we work hard to represent your company in the best possible light, with a professional telephone manner and the appropriate level of understanding and compassion where there is a genuine reason for late or non-payment by the customer.

Ultimately, we believe this helps to reclaim as much as possible of what you are owed, to ensure new invoices are paid on time wherever possible, and to maintain positive perception of your brand at the same time.

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