What’s new at the CPA?


You may have spotted a new look to the CPA website in recent weeks, and it’s part of a revamp that has also seen the launch of some new services.

There’s still the same core products that long-term customers of the Cash Protection Agency will recognise, allowing you to protect your money when taking on new clients or when getting paid.

Credit checks allow you to background-check new customers, whether they are businesses or individuals, to make sure you can expect them to pay on time when they owe you money.

Our credit control services can take the burden out of your admin, so you know you are always on top of your invoicing.

Debt collection – probably the most familiar of our services to many people – allows you to use legally acceptable techniques to reclaim money owed to you that is overdue.

And debtor tracing can track down people who have ‘done a runner’ while owing you money, with a typical success rate of around 85%.

But now we have added a further service to the list, to make sure you can inform your customers about your own payment terms, making it easier to legally enforce them if you need to later on.

For a fixed fee of £300 + VAT, we can provide you with a set of Terms and Conditions, selected from a range of standard documents, and edited for up to an hour to suit your precise needs.

It’s a price you are unlikely to be able to beat elsewhere for the same standard of service, with bespoke editing work carried out on your behalf to ensure the document fits your particular purposes.

To get started we just need your name, email address, contact telephone number and your company name (if you have one) and we can get to work on your Ts & Cs.

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