Insolvency court fees increase by almost 100%


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On April 22nd, the court fees payable for various aspects of insolvency proceedings increased – in some cases by almost 100%.



The Insolvency Service published a full list of the new fees, saying the changes have been made due to “the government’s aim to recover the costs of court services through the fees charged to users”.


Among the new fees, those relating to the Court of Appeal will not yet apply, as certain rule changes are needed, but once the necessary changes have been made, the new fees will be introduced there too.


Perhaps the most attention-grabbing of the fees is the General Application (On Notice) cost, which has climbed from £80 to almost double, £155.


Some changes are only minor: debtor petitions for bankruptcy rise from £175 to £180; requesting a certificate of discharge from a bankruptcy remains at £70; and obtaining a copy of the certificate rises from £5 to £10.


A search of bankruptcy and company records remains at £45, and the £35 fee for either filing insolvency documents, or making an application within proceedings, rises to £50 in each case.


In the Court of Appeal, some of the increases are much more alarming, with certain fees introduced for the first time where previously none were payable.


A General Application (By Consent or Without Notice) now costs £50, and a General Application (On Notice) – previously free – now carries a £155 fee.


The application fee for permission to appeal or for extension of time has also increased, by well over 100%, from £235 to £480.


Full details are available from the Insolvency Service, and it is as yet unclear when the Court of Appeal fee changes will be introduced – it all depends on when the necessary rule changes can be made.

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