How to ask for money from customers
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Asking for money from clients can be difficult to navigate, especially when they are late paying an invoice or being evasive. However following these tips can help you ask for your money whilst maintaining your relationship with the customer and getting the best possible outcome for yourself.


 Be clear

When chasing and unpaid bill state clearly what you want to happen. Make sure that the client understands your terms. Explain that the invoice is now due and you expect to receive payment within the next 5 days.

Stay calm but don’t be a pushover

There will always be clients that will push you to the back of the queue- if they think you will stand for it. You must be clear from the start.

Reiterate the facts

Remind them when you invoiced and what your payments terms are. Always have the facts in front of you and ensure that they are correct, this will enable you to answer any questions they may have. If you get them wrong you will lose credibility.

Dealing with accounts departments.

Know who you are speaking to and treat them with respect, it will pay off in the long run. Remember if you are dealing with local government or larger organizations they will have their own payment terms which are usually 60 days plus.

Email Reminders

Always email a reminder 3 or four days before the invoice becomes due, a gentle reminder that payment will become due shortly should be sufficient.

Be Persistent

Make regular phone calls. Email before invoice becomes due, and don’t be afraid to arrange a meeting if necessary .

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