Cash flow seminar makes perfect ‘tax holiday’ reading


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If you’re in business, the period between filing your tax return at the end of January, and your next one becoming due in April, can feel like something of a holiday.


 Stress levels might still be high, but probably not so high as when you know your tax return is due – but that does not mean you shouldn’t be thinking ahead to how you can get your other affairs in order for the end of the current tax year.


One way to do this is to chase any outstanding debts, to avoid them rolling over into the next financial year and complicating your accounts.


On February 11th, at The Dock Centre in Leicester, CPA will be hosting a seminar touching on this and other cash flow issues.


How to Manage Your Cash Flow covers some of the main questions asked by businesses every working day of the year, including:


  • What should I do if an overdue account is causing concern?
  • How do I deal with customers who are evasive when I chase for payment?
  • Where does my money go when a customer goes into liquidation?


We believe the period between the start of the calendar year and the end of the financial year is the perfect time to learn about such issues, and to take action on unpaid accounts.


You can do this as a New Year’s Resolution, or as a practical step towards ensuring next year’s tax return is healthier than this year’s was, or simply as a commitment to good business practice.


In any event, knowledge is power – and this seminar is a great (and free!) way to improve your education on the key issues at stake.


How to Manage Your Cash Flow takes place on February 11th 2014.


The Dock Centre





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