CPA – celebrating success and planning ahead
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It’s been a great year for CPA, and we’re already planning ahead to keep serving our customers’ needs well into 2014.


But first, what successes has 2013 brought our way?


For a start, it marked our 20th anniversary, and we’ll be celebrating 21 years in 2014, so whether you count your landmarks in full decades or the traditional ‘coming of age’ milestones, it’s still a time for celebration.


Of course, for our clients, it’s all about material success – and there’s plenty to celebrate here, too.


In the past week alone we’ve seen two long-running cases – each dating back to 2012 – brought to a satisfactory conclusion.


We also recently won a case at trial that had been ongoing for three years, showing that tenacity can eventually pay off, particularly when you know you’re on the right side of the law.


Since the start of November, we have opened more than 50 new cases, meaning our caseload is growing compared with last year, and looking strong as we move into 2014.


And the work is never done; each month brings with it new invoices and new overdue payments to chase, and at CPA we are already working on bringing cases to court in the new year.


Take all this together and you have a company that is not only going from strength to strength in its own right, but is continuing to work passionately to meet our clients’ needs.


We hope the Christmas period brings happy, healthy cashflow to all companies, big and small – but for those let down by their debtors as we move into the new year, CPA will be ready to chase for payment in 2014.

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