Five reasons why you might need CPA
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CPA are more than just debt collectors, and in fact we protect our clients’ cash from every angle.

If you’re not sure of how we could help you, here are five examples of parts of your payment processes that you might not currently have protected – and how CPA can take action on your behalf to keep your money safe.

1. Credit Checks

Don’t lose money by allowing customers to run up a debt they cannot pay; CPA can carry out background credit checks on new and existing clients, so you should know at any given time how much you can reasonably expect them to be able to pay, and avoid letting their bill grow beyond that level.

2. Credit Control

Businesses of all sizes often suffer simply because they don’t keep a close enough eye on their invoices. CPA’s credit control services ensure this does not happen to you, by contacting your clients directly and ensuring your invoices have been received and are being processed correctly.

3. Debt Collection

Probably the part of our business most people immediately think of, debt collection helps you to recover funds that might otherwise go unpaid. CPA have heard every excuse in the book, and know the right penalty charges and interest to add to overdue invoices, to boost the amount reclaimed.

4. Tracing

There are few scenarios worse than when a non-paying customer ‘does a bunk’, so if you have a runaway debtor, CPA can use the information you have available to ethically hunt down your debtor, and pursue them for payment in the usual ways.

5. Enquiries

Finally, having CPA on your side means you’re never alone when you encounter a cash-related issue; we’re proud that our services cover the full range of obstacles encountered by the vast majority of our clients, and are always on hand to take enquiries from clients old and new.

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