Spotlight on Denise Parkinson
Denise Parkinson


Denise Parkinson is one of CPA’s expert advisors and heads up our team, putting a wealth of experience in debt collection and credit control at our helm.

She works with clients of all sizes who are owed money – at CPA, it is not only the big brands that get the ‘best’ advice, but our commitment is to serve small businesses equally well, whatever the size of the debt that is owed.

Expertise in small claims litigation, preparing court bundles for hearings and in disputed debt matters makes her a useful ally for small firms who have been underestimated by their clients, as well as for those whose non-paying customers think they can bully their way out of a debt using litigious threats.

Performance on individual client cases is a priority for Denise, and as company manager and head of the CPA team, she sets the standard for all of our advisors to meet.

Denise’s past successes include:

  • Acquisition of high-profile clients for CPA, including several leading companies;
  • Recovery of debts for one new client within two weeks of referral;
  • Recovery of more than £35,000 for a client in the construction sector;
  • Winning a heavily defended claim for a client against legal action by solicitors.


With more than 14 years of industry experience, Denise has faced many of the more unusual incidences that less experienced individuals may not have encountered.

This, combined with her tenacious commitment to achieving a positive outcome for her clients, not only makes her a valued advisor, but also helps to inspire the CPA team as a whole to achieve greatness.

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