Privatised Royal Mail ‘is not what workers wanted’
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Despite being in line to receive a collective 10% stake in the soon-to-be-privatised Royal Mail, the vast majority of postal workers are dead against the government’s plans to sell off the service.


In an announcement from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills last week, the government revealed that it has confirmed plans to sell off the postal service.


During the current financial year, a majority stake in Royal Mail is

scheduled to be sold off to private investors.


Meanwhile, 10% has been earmarked to be given free of charge to around 150,000 people who currently work for the service.


Business secretary Vince Cable says: “Royal Mail needs future access to private-sector capital because the postal market is changing.


“The number of letters we send is declining, while the number of parcels is growing as online shopping becomes more popular.


“Royal Mail is competing with other postal operators, as well as the internet, smartphones and tablets.”


However, the notion that owning an iPad somehow undermines the stability of theUK’s national postal service is one that could make little obvious sense to many people.


The Communication Workers Union has revealed that almost all of its members are opposed to the plans to privatise the service.


CWU deputy general secretary Dave Ward points out that privatisation was not mentioned in the modernisation plan for Royal Mail that was agreed with employees just three years ago.


General secretary Billy Hayes adds: “The sale is unwanted by the public, customers and the workers. We will continue to fight it.”


The comments follow a recent poll of CWU members that found 99% are in favour of a no-strings-attached pay rise; however, at present, it seems likely that the government will press on with privatisation of Royal Mail regardless.


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