Dealing with rogue recovery agents
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Nobody likes the thought of bailiffs banging on the door, but when it happens and you weren’t expecting it, it can come as even more of a shock.


Recent media reports have covered several stories of rogue recovery agents using aggressive tactics to try and make people pay debts that they don’t believe they even owe.


This kind of activity is what gives the debt recovery industry a bad name – and we would never pursue debtors in such a way.


At the CPA, we are registered with the appropriate authorities and work hard to make sure we don’t give a bad reputation to ourselves, our industry or our clients.


In particular, we always pursue debts through the appropriate legal channels – providing evidence that the debt is owed, to make sure the debtor is left in no doubt that there is a cost to settle.


With the law on your side, there should be no need for heavy-handed tactics; legal instruments such as County Court Judgments exist to serve that purpose in a non-aggressive way.


CPA’s expert debt recovery agents can bring these instruments to bear in chasing your debtors – and by acting within the law, we may be able to recover larger sums, by adding statutory interest and penalty charges, than you would receive if you simply harassed the debtor until they paid the original amount owed.


Since spring 2013, it has been possible to claim your debt recovery costs from the debtor too, meaning you should not be left a penny out of pocket for making use of CPA’s debt recovery services.

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