Overdue invoices?
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Many contractors and small businesses are often reluctant to take a hard line on late payers for fear of losing future business opportunities.  Recent changes to the level of costs that can be recovered on pursuing debts could therefore be a helpful way to encourage prompt payment without it becoming personal.

Flagging up the charges applied under the Late Payment Directive on your invoice reminders makes the point that there is a financial cost of leaving invoices unpaid.  These apply from 16th March 2013.

If you have a late paying client, it is worth taking a clear approach to chasing the debt.


  1. Issue a polite reminder,
  2. Contact their accounts department directly to request payment.
  3. Let the client know that payment is overdue and will be referred for debt collection.
  4. Appoint a debt collection agency to pursue the debt without bringing this into your personal relationship with the client.  The reasonable cost of this is added to the debt.

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