CPA May seminar answers the question ‘What if…?’
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A credit check is a question in itself, or even a collection of questions: Can I trust this client to pay me on time? If not, how overdue is their payment likely to be?

But there are plenty of other questions that arise, often from a misunderstanding of the credit control process, and those are the theme of the CPA‘s May seminar.

On May 30th, we will be holding this free event at the Belmont Hotel in Leicester, and if you wish to attend, you can book your place now by emailing

Credit control FAQ

Over our 20 years of industry experience, we’ve answered plenty of questions about credit control – and often,

we see the same questions arise again and again.

With that in mind, this month’s seminar takes the form of a kind of credit control FAQ, a chance to address these frequently asked questions one by one, and hopefully to give you answers that you can take away with you and use to inform your own future credit decisions.

The whole credit control process is a ‘What if…?‘ scenario – what if the client doesn’t pay? What if they have a bad credit rating?

And on top of those questions, there is the single over-arching question of how to effectively control the level of credit given to customers.

An arsenal of approaches

In answering this final question, let credit control be your gunship, capable of attacking non-payment risks head-on.

Through effective credit control, you can:

  • avoid extending credit to high-risk customers;
  • encourage prompt and even early payment;
  • pursue late payment rigorously;
  • recover incurred costs and fees from the debtor.

For more information about this, attend our seminar, where you will also have the opportunity to pose any questions of your own.

To book your place at our May 30th seminar for free, email or call 0116 266 5394.

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