Small Business Round-Up – 24 January 2011
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In this new column, our aim is to provide useful resources for small businesses who are interested in growing their company and client base.

The focus of these weekly round-ups will be to give an update of what’s happening in business across the world, new ideas and interesting statistics and information.


Small Business Loan Detail Stalls

Attempts by the coalition government to reach an agreement with the UK’s biggest banks on the amount they lend to small businesses have stalled. It was expected that £200bn in loans were to be made available to small businesses in 2011 but this appears to be in jeopardy according to a breaking BBC news story.

How to make the most of your business cards

We recently came across an excellent aggregation of some of the best and most well-designed business cards in the world. From a printer who printed their business card on a map to the dentist who wove dental floss into their card to the divorce lawyer whose business card splits in two, there are some great ideas here.

Cool business card designs

9 Great American Businesses that Aren’t Recovering

The Huffington Post has an interesting article on 9 stalwarts of the US & UK high street that seem to have gone into terminal decline. It may be useful to help you detect markets that aren’t recovering.


20 Green Tips for Small Businesses

Even though small businesses might feel it’s the end of the world at the moment, there are a few things that we can do to prevent the world from ending through climate change or poor management of our resources. Here are 20  simple tips that won’t hurt at all & that might even save you money.


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