Small Business Round-Up – 17 January 2011

In this new column, our aim is to provide useful resources for small businesses who are interested in growing their company and client base.

The focus of these weekly round-ups will be to give an update of what’s happening in business across the world, new ideas and interesting statistics and information.


Business in 2011

Last week, Robert Peston, the BBC’s business editor, gave his outlook for business in 2011. In this interesting video, he talks about stories that are likely to make the headlines in the next 12 months. Bankers’ bonuses, the City of London, the crisis in the Eurozone and the hard times ahead were all discussed.



All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy – INFOGRAPHIC:

In the week when Steve Jobs took further medical leave, it’s worth reminding small business owners that your health is as important as your wealth. This infograhpic, cheerily titled Workaholism may be killing you, gives some interesting information on our work habits, and on how we can often bite off more than we can chew.


Marketing – PODCAST

For those of you who are looking to promote your business and who have a few minutes to listen to a podcast, there is an interesting one on CopyBlogger called: Why Every Smart Small Business is in the Media Business.


Software and Productivity

If you’re interested in finding cutting-edge software that can work for you, 2011 offers some interesting opportunities as we move deeper into the cloud. It seems as though 2011 will be a year for web-based productivity applications like Google Docs. This article outlines 3 pieces of web-based software that could help all small businesses in 2011:

3 Best Overlooked Software Buys for 2011


A Tip of the Hat to Small Business – INFOGRAPHIC

Collectively, America’s largest employer is small business. Small businesses in the U.S. employ more than half of the private workforce in the country and are the primary exporters. Here in the UK, 98% of businesses have fewer than 50 employees. Small business is the driving engine of a modern Western economy & an economy that can recover from recession well is one that can help small businesses to flourish. Here’s a look at some business statistics in the form of an infographic that provides a useful snapshot of how businesses are made up & lets you see when, as a business owner, you can feel like your business is here to stay:

Small business and hard facts

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